By Brian Kotloff
November 27, 2012

University of Tulsa athletic director Ross Parmley was suspended Tuesday after the FBI identified him as an "admitted gambler," according to a report by The Oklahoman.

Parmley, who has worked in the Tulsa athletic department since 2005 and was promoted to AD in January 2012, was reportedly involved with Oklahoma City bookie Teddy Mitchell in betting on both college and professional games.

Parmley has not been charged. Mitchell is awaiting trial on a federal indictment that accuses him of operating an illegal gambling enterprise.

Parmley admitted to the FBI that he bet on college and professional football games for years before quitting gambling early in 2010, a source told The Oklahoman.

He told the FBI he made payments to Mitchell on losses and collected from Mitchell on wins, said the source who has read an FBI report on his interview.

Parmley was placed on administrative leave with pay after The Oklahoman asked his attorney, Derek Chance, for comment.

The school's football team faces Central Florida on Saturday in the Conference-USA championship game. Tulsa World columnist John Klein called Tuesday "one of the worst athletic days ever" for the school:

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