By Erin Weaver
December 12, 2012

The Dallas Coywboys have moved Josh Brent to non-football injury/illness reserve. (Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) The Dallas Coywboys have moved Josh Brent to the non-football injury/illness list. (Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

The Cowboys have moved Josh Brent to the non-football/injury illness list. Brent is currently facing intoxication manslaughter charges for drunk driving on Saturday morning in an incident that killed Coywboys teammate Jerry Brown. Brent is out on bail and technically able to work.

The team's decision to move him to the non-football injury/illness list, according to Ed Werder of ESPN, gives Brent access to team facilities and support for the Cowboys.

The decision to move Brent to this list and give him support comes a day after the release of chilling reports that Brent had to be begged to pull teammate Brown from the crash on Saturday morning.

For now, the Cowboys have sidestepped the issue of how to discipline Brent. If Brent pleads guilty to his charges, the NFL will likely step in. The NFL set a precedent for this case when the league suspended Donte' Stallworth for year, after he plead guilty to DUI manslaughter.


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