By Tim Polzer
January 12, 2013

Oklahoma defensive coordinator Mike Stoops thinks the only things that might get in the way of Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel adding more Heismans to trophy case are the law and social media.

While appearing on Oklahoma City sports talk radio station WWLS on Friday, Stoops was asked what it would take to stop Manziel if the Sooners were to run into him in a 2014 bowl game. With visions of Manziel rushing for 229 yards, four touchdowns and a Cotton Bowl-record 516 total yards still fresh in his mind, Stoops complimented the freshman phenom -- while jokingly suggesting two things that might slow "Johnny Football" down.

“...I’ve seen a lot of football players play a lot of different styles with guys, but never seen anything like that in my whole life. I mean, I’ve never felt as defenseless as we were the other night, that’s for sure.

“You know, any time you can go for 500 yards against a team like Alabama, what they did to Notre Dame, that tells you. You don’t need to say anything else. On the road at Alabama, that guy was phenomenal that night.

“He just creates so many problems for your defense, and he knows what those problems are. And he understands them very well.

“They’re gonna be tough to deal with. If they can keep him out of jail or keep him eligible, he’s gonna be pretty good. (Stoops lets loose a single chuckle.)

“If they can keep him off the Twitter, he might win three or four Heismans. He’ll have that type of ability.”

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