Report: New unethical, inappropriate NCAA behavior in Miami case surfaces

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An email exchange showed that another NCAA investigator used convicted felon Nevin Shapiro's lawyer to build the NCAA's case against the University of Miami, reports the Miami Herald

The paper says that Stephanie Hannah, an NCAA director of enforcement who got the job after the NCAA fired Ameen Najjar, continued Najjar’s policy of working with Shapiro’s attorney, Maria Elena Perez, to try to build a case against the Miami programs.

Miami claims that NCAA investigators lied to interviewees in order to trick subjects into saying incriminating things and the school will file a motion to dismiss the case on Friday.

More from the Miami Herald:

UM also will claim that significant charges made against UM in the NCAA’s notice of allegations are uncorroborated by anyone besides Shapiro, and that tainted evidence has not been fully purged from the case.

After taking over for Najjar, Hannah attempted to work with Perez on obtaining information from Shapiro’s bodyguard, Mario Sanchez, who was subpoenaed to appear in a bankruptcy hearing. The deposition with Sanchez never materialized, and the bankruptcy trustee told us today that it wouldn't have been of interest to the bankruptcy trustee, anyway.