By Kimie Bunyasaranand
April 04, 2013

Shortly after regaining his No. 2 spot in the world rankings, Andy Murray signed a new management deal with an Indian tennis player's agency, Globosport, reports Rob Harris.

Murray had been managed by American Idol creator Simon Fuller's company, XIX Entertainment since 2007, and the two will now form a joint venture, XIX Globosport. Globosport was created by former player Mahesh Bhupathi, who won 12 Grand Slam doubles titles.

From Harris' report:

"I believe a mix of Simon's experience and Mahesh's understanding of the sport will create the perfect team for my off court interests and will allow me to continue to dedicate myself and focus on my goals on the court," Murray, who won the Sony Open title in Miami on Sunday, said in a statement.

The new company looks to create new opportunities in developing markets around the world, particularly India and the Middle East.

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