By Scooby Axson
April 10, 2013

The University of Tulsa will not be sanctioned by the NCAA in connection to the alleged gambling activity of former athletic director Ross Parmley, the Tulsa World reports. 

Tulsa suspended Parmley last November after a court affidavit described him as an “admitted gambler.” The Federal Bureau of Investigation was seeking information about an alleged Oklahoma City gambling ring.

Parmley was fired the next month and that's when the NCAA began looking into Parmley.

NCAA bylaws state that it  prohibits student-athletes and athletic department staff members from “wagering on intercollegiate, amateur and professional sports in which the Association conducts championships.”

From the Tulsa World:

Specifically, TU staff members and athletes have been reminded of the importance of compliance in regard to NCAA Bylaw 10.3 (specific to sports wagering). In a press release, TU President Steadman Upham said, “Obviously, we are pleased with the ruling handed out by the NCAA today. The University of Tulsa maintains the highest commitment to following NCAA policies and regulations among our administration, coaches and student-athletes.”

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