By Kimie Bunyasaranand
May 07, 2013

Todd Helton, the Colorado Rockies' 17-year veteran, pleaded guilty to DUI charges on Tuesday morning, reports ABC's Denver affiliate. Helton was sentenced to one year probation, a $400 fine, more than $1,200 in other fees and 24 hours of community service.

The first baseman was arrested in February for driving while ability impaired. From the ABC report:

During the booking process, Deichert wrote that Helton made 'spontaneous statements about drinking two Igloo cups of red wine.'

Helton was issued a notice of revocation and an Adams County Summons for DUI, DUI Per Se and careless driving. He was released to a 'sober party.'

In court Tuesday, officials said Helton had a blood alcohol level of .12. The legal limit is 0.08.

Helton said he would take steps necessary to prevent another occurrence:

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