By Brian Kotloff
June 01, 2013

(Ronald Martinez/Getty Images) Former Redskins quarterback Donovan McNabb said of Robert Griffin III's constant public appearances and interviews, "It's just too much." (Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Retired quarterback Donovan McNabb told The Washington Post that he reached out to Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III to offer advice last season, but never heard back.

McNabb, who quarterbacked the Redskins during the 2010 season, told The Post that Griffin III is doing "too much" to generate publicity rather than focus on recovering from his torn ACL.

RGIII, the 2012 NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year, has attended numerous events this offseason, including "The Vanity Fair/Bloomberg White House Correspondents’ after-party one weekend, the Kentucky Derby the next, and serving as grand marshal of the Memorial Day parade this past weekend," according to the report.

He added that Griffin III's father, who suggested that his son shouldn't run as much in the future, should have "never done a one-on-one interview" and that Griffin III should not have tweeted out a picture with wedding gifts fans had sent him.

From the report:

“It’s too much right now; it’s just too much,” McNabb said, speaking from his home in Arizona. “I get some of things he’s doing to draw attention to himself: the Adidas commercials, going out and enjoying the life of a young, famous NFL quarterback. I understand RG has a lot of stuff going on.

“But if you’re coming off ACL surgery, you don’t need to be having a press conference at OTAs. Every week? Really? It becomes a circus, a sideshow. It takes away from the focus of what those sessions are supposed to be about: the team.”

“One thing Andy Reid did is he never let the injured guys become the story if they were off to the side at practice,” McNabb added, referring to the former Eagles coach. “He thought it took away from the guys who were grinding and practicing every day.

“So when I look up on TV and see him up there talking all the time about how great he’s doing — or doing jumping jacks or someone else talking about his supernatural healing powers — I wonder to myself: Is this about selling tickets to the fans or what?

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