By Scooby Axson
September 25, 2013

 Yankees 3B Alex Rodriguez continues to be a topic of conversation around MLB clubhouses.  (Getty Images) Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez's grand jury testimony wanted to be unsealed by MLB. (Getty Images)

Major League Baseball filed a motion in a Buffalo, N.Y. federal court asking for access to sealed grand jury records in a case against a sports physician who previously treated New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez and other high-profile professional athletes, reports

Rodriguez, golf's No. 1 player Tiger Woods, and others were treated by Anthony Galea, who pled guilty to a charge bringing unapproved drugs into the United States  in 2011.

Those drugs included human growth hormone and Actovegin.

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MLB wants to unseal grand jury testimony of Rodriguez regarding the treatment he received from Galea, according to the report.

Rodriguez appealed his 211-game doping suspension last month for his possible connection with a South Florida lab, Biogenesis, which MLB said distributed performance-enhancing drugs to as many as 20 athletes.

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It is not known precisely what MLB investigators expect to find if the grand jury records are unsealed, but A-Rod was interviewed by baseball about possible PED use around the time of his grand jury testimony in Buffalo. The possibilities include under oath testimony or medical records that conflict with what Rodriguez told MLB investigators.

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