By Brendan Maloy
October 07, 2013

NFL Senior VP Adolpho Birch will meet with Oneida Nations Homelands leaders about the Redskins name. Oneida Nations Homelands officials will meet with an NFL senior executive in November. (Larry French/Getty Images)

NFL Senior VP Adolpho Birch is scheduled to meet with Oneida Nations Homelands legal counsel Peter Carmen next month about the possibility of a Redskins name change, according to‘s Ian Rapoport.

In recent months, Oneida Nations Homelands has been one of the most outspoken groups about changing Washington’s NFL team nickname from Redskins, which it says is a racial slur against Native Americans. Washington owner Daniel Snyder has said he will not change the name and that the overwhelming majority of Native Americans do not find the name to be offensive.

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Oneida Nations announced earlier this month that they would hold a conference on offensive team nicknames in the same hotel where the NFL will be holding its annual fall meetings in Washington, D.C. Both the meetings and the conference are scheduled to begin this week.

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