Yankees owner says Robinson Cano will get 'solid offer', not 10 years

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Yankees 2B Robinson Cano will become a free-agent at the end of the season. (Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)

Will the Mariners give Robinson Cano the contract he wants? (Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)

It looks like the New York Yankees are done giving out 10-year contracts.

Yankees second baseman Robinson Cano reportedly was seeking a 10-year deal worth $300 million when he becomes a free-agent this offseason.

But the Yankees brass said that Cano is still a marquee player but are not prepared to offer Cano a contract that substantial, especially after giving third baseman Alex Rodriguez a 10-year, $275 million deal six years ago.

"I don't feel this organization is ready to do something like that," Yankees owner Hal Steinbrenner said on ESPN Radio. "No, I do not."

"We'll see. I know that is a number that is out there now. We'll see if he gets it, how much he wants to be in New York. But, again, I can promise it is going to be a very, very solid offer that we do make because we are going to try. We are going to try the best we can to keep him."

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The 30-year old Cano hit. 314 with 27 home runs with 107 RBIs this season, and it's clear that the Yankees want to re-sign him.

"I'm optimistic and I know that we are going to make him a very, very good offer," Steinbrenner said. "Is anybody an absolute must-to-sign? No. And that's nothing against Robby. [It's] just not reasonable to assume that about anybody. We are going to do what we can. We've certainly conveyed to Robby we want him back and we want him to be a career Yankee. We'll just have to see what transpires here."