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Report: Angry fan 'yelled obscenities' from Matt Schaub's driveway; Houston Police say no mob of angry fans

Matt Schaub has thrown nine interceptions this season as the team as gotten off to a 2-3 start. (MCT/Getty Images)

Matt Schaub said he wouldn't have a problem with the Texans signing Joe Mays, who took a chunk of his ear off with a hit last year. (MCT/Getty Images)

The Twitter account for the Houston Police Department is contradicting a report that a group of angry fans confronted Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub at his house.

But reports that an angry man pulled into Schaub's driveway and "yelled obscenities." NFL security is investigating the incident.

NFL vice president of security Jeff Miller told

"This is a little unusual in that we don't normally have fans acting in this way, going to a player's residence, that sort of thing," Miller said. "In this case, Monday afternoon, a vehicle pulled into his driveway, an unidentified individual yelled obscenities. The police department is involved. We've been in contact with them as we normally would for anything like this. And because it is a team issue, they have a security director, we work with them.

"In this case, they'll be working closely with the police department. But it's going to be investigated and handled seriously by Houston Police Department."

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The initial report, filed Tuesday by CBS Houston, said that the fans had berated Schaub about his poor play.

“A fan went to his house and told him off,” said the source, adding that another person “took pictures of his family,” which were allegedly posted on Facebook.

Police responded to that report on Wednesday.

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Schaub has thrown an interception that was run back for a touchdown in an NFL-record four straight games.

Schaub has completed 64 percent of his passes for 1,366 yards with eight touchdowns and nine interceptions for the Texans (2-3) this season.