By Tim Polzer
October 11, 2013

A Dallas-area school has fired co-founder and coach Deion Sanders. (Rob Carr/Getty Images) A school administrator accused Deion Sanders of assault. (Rob Carr/Getty Images)

Dallas-area charter school Prime Prep Academy announced the firing of co-founder and coach Deion Sanders earlier Friday after Sanders was accused of assaulting the school’s chief financial officer during a campus meeting.

Just hours later, Sanders was re-hired and will be on the sidelines for Prime Prep's football game tonight, reports WFAA.

Dallas police are investigating the incident and the accusation by Kevin Jefferson.  Jefferson told police he was in a faculty meeting with several administrators and teachers at the school on Wednesday when Sanders became upset that some student athletes were not doing well academically. Jefferson told police:

“He walked back to the back of the classroom to where I was sitting in a desk,” Jefferson told the Morning News. “As he got closer to me, I stood up because he was kind of standing over me and he just kind of kept talking to me and at me and then he just grabbed me by my throat and kind of threw me to the ground. Some people had to get him off of me.”

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Sanders told WFAA TV he was upset over the mismanagement of the school and admitted confronting Jefferson, but he denied injuring him.

"Mr. Jefferson and I got into a confrontation about the welfare of these kids. And we'll get into another one. Until you start taking care of these kids, I'm going to be on a rampage," said Sanders.

Here’s Prime Prep’s statement on Sanders’ firing from

“Effective immediately, Deion Sanders is no longer an employee or representative for Prime Prep Academy,” reads the statement, attributed to Superintendent Rachel M. King-Sanders. “Prime Prep is committed to continually improving as an educational institution and it will continue to strive for excellence in every aspect.”

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