Massachusetts high school cancels football season over racist graffiti

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Massachusetts authorities are investigating reports of racist graffiti on a player's home. (Denver Post via Getty Images)

(The Denver Post via Getty Images)

A Massachusetts high school football team has forfeited the remainder of its season after racist graffiti was found spray-painted on a player's home, reports The Boston Globe. The 13-year-old player and his family allege that his teammates are responsible for the comments.

The Lunenburg Public Schools Superintendent said Monday that the high school had canceled the rest of its season as a result of the incident. The school is also looking into alleged racist slurs directed at opposing Worcester South High football players by Lunenburg players earlier this season.

According to the report, someone painted, "Knights don’t need n------!" on the home of Isaac Phillips last week. (The school's nickname is the Blue Knights.) Isaac's father is black, and his mother is white.

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More from the Globe's report:

Isaac’s father, Anthony J. Phillips, said he is irate and frustrated with Lunenburg officials for allegedly covering up racist comments made by several Lunenburg football players at games against Worcester and feels Lunenburg coaches should resign. Anthony Phillips said Monday he believes the same football players were involved in defacing his home last week and hazing his son, an eighth-grader who plays freshman and junior varsity football for Lunenburg.