By Brett LoGiurato
February 03, 2014

Richie Incognito has not played for the Dolphins since October. (Joel Auerbach/Getty Images) Richie Incognito has not played for the Dolphins since October. (Joel Auerbach/Getty Images)

The Big Lead on Monday obtained more than 1,000 text messages between Miami Dolphins linemen Jonathan Martin and Richie Incognito, days before NFL special investigator Ted Wells is expected to release his findings about the situation.

The texts hint at a friendly relationship between the two linemen, which Incognito has claimed is the case. The Dolphins suspended Incognito last year for conduct detrimental to the team following reports that he used explicit language and racial slurs in voicemails and text messages to Martin.

Incognito texted Martin at least nine times without hearing back after Martin left the team on Oct. 28, according to The Big Lead's account.

"How u doing buddy? Feeling better?? I miss us," Incognito texted Martin on Nov. 1.

"Wassup man? The worlds gone crazy lol I'm good tho congrats on the win," Martin texted back.

Martin later added that he didn't blame Incognito or anyone on the Dolphins for him leaving, but he said that he was bothered by the "culture around football and the locker room."

The last set of text messages included in The Big Lead's account included Incognito sending Martin an story about the NFL Players' Association reviewing Martin's case. Incognito accused Martin's agent of providing the information.

"I need you buddy I'm getting killed in the media," Incognito said.

One day later, on Nov. 3, Incognito texted: "Bro can we talk? The Dolphins are talking about releasing me."

There was no response.

Martin sat down with former NFL head coach and NBC analyst Tony Dungy last week for his first interview since leaving the team last year. He said in the interview that he felt "trapped" because of the situation. 

“I’m a grown man,” Martin said. “I’ve been in locker rooms. There’s vulgar languages in locker rooms. One instance doesn’t bother me. It’s the persistence of it.

“I wish I would have had more tools to solve my situation. I felt trapped, like I didn’t have a way to make it right. It came down to a point where I thought it was best just to remove myself from the situation.”

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