By Marc Weinreich
March 13, 2014

The coaches said they're happy with the way the district handled the situation. (Peter G. Aiken/Getty Images) The coaches said they were appreciative of the way the district handled the situation. (Peter G. Aiken/Getty Images)

Contrary to earlier reports, two high school girls basketball coaches from Iowa, who were reportedly tired of dealing with bullying — and sometimes threats of violence — did not resign from their position.

The Associated Press had reported that they stepped down last week because of the actions of parents, players on the team and others critical of the district's basketball program.

"All of our girls basketball coaches have not resigned from their positions," Jean Peterson, the superintendent of the Independence Community School District wrote in a statement.

Girls varsity coach Rod Conrad and assistant coach Rob Ratchford had reportedly announced their resignations March 7 with the hopes of sending a message to those parents and members of the community that they will no longer tolerate the bullying tactics.

But Peterson said Conrad only wrote a letter to activities director Rob Arnold "expressing his desire to resign."

"After several discussions and meetings with the district administration, Coach Conrad is reconsidering his resignation," Peterson reports.

Added Conrad: “I am extremely appreciative of the support that the school board, administration, fellow coaches, community members and my family have provided me. “The administration supports me 100%. The administration is already taking action to further tighten up and improve the parent-coach protocol in our district."

Ratchford told the Associated Press he understands that public criticism is part of the job, but he was tired of the phone calls and comments made on social media, according to the report:

"You read things on social media and you try to ignore those kinds of things: People approaching you on game day and phone calls on game day, and phone calls after the game...There were threats made, you know, about wanting to fight and stuff like that."
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