By Brendan Maloy
April 11, 2014

Lawyers for EA Sports want the Ed O'Bannon lawsuit dismissed. (Isaac Brekken, AP Photo) Ed O' Bannon's lawsuit against the NCAA is set to go to trial on June 9. (Isaac Brekken/AP Photo)

U.S District Judge Claudia Wilken handed down a series of opinions in the O'Bannon v. NCAA lawsuit on Friday that have cleared the way for the long gestating trial to begin on June 9, barring a settlement, according to Jon Solomon of

The judge denied petitions for summary judgments from both sides, and also threw out some of the NCAA's arguments before the trial.

Among her rulings: the First Amendment does not guarantee media organizations unlimited rights to broadcast entire college football and basketball games, a defense used by the NCAA to justify not paying players for use of their names, images and likenesses.


[Judge Wilken] said that the NCAA cannot argue that the limits enable increased support for women's sports and less prominent men's sports.

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