April 24, 2008

According to media in Iran, the Los Angeles Galaxy have refuted reports that they will play a friendly match against the Iranian national team.

The denial comes just days after the Iranian Football Federation (IFF) announced that the Major League Soccer club had requested a friendly game against Team Melli that would be held in the U.S.

In an official statement by IFF official Hassan Ghaffari, he assured Iranian fans that: "A friendly encounter against L.A. Galaxy is scheduled to take place in June 2008, once the IFF receives an official invitation from the U.S. [Soccer] Federation."

Galaxy officials shrugged off the statement.

"The Galaxy has no plans to play Iran anytime in the near future," a club official said, according to Iranian media. "It is very rare for the Galaxy to play any national team. The Galaxy likes to play top-tier friendly matches against other clubs and let the U.S. national team play the friendlies against other national teams."

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