Howard urges Everton to spend heavily on players

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Everton goalkeeper Tim Howard has urged the club to spend heavily in the summer in order to make the breakthrough into the Premier League's Big Four.

With the Toffees hoping to mount another bid to eat at the top table in the Premier League next season, their American international goalkeeper insists more quality recruits are needed to strengthen manager David Moyes' Everton squad.

"Nobody wants to be the one to say it, but I will: the way football is at the moment you need money," said Howard. "We have had a generous chairman who has given us money.

"Andy Johnson broke the record, Yakubu broke the record and we have to keep doing that if we are to stay up with the teams that are spending that money. The teams who are at the top aren't the poor ones.

"We have a good team and a good squad so if we keep building on that we will have quality. If we have more depth we will be all right -- we can challenge. We finished fifth this year so fourth is the next logical step."