Real president implicated in ticketing scandal

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Spanish sports daily El Mundo Deportivo published details on Thursday of a new scandal threatening to emboril Real Madrid president Ramón Calderón. The COPE radio agency has again uncovered details of financial irregularity involving him.

Cadena COPE is well-known for its reports on Calderón. Having branded the president a habitual liar early in the month, the radio station is now attempting to prove that Calderón is benefitting financially from a ticketing scandal.

On the investigative program El Tirachinas, it was alledged that the 57-year-old has allowed "UEFA protocol" tickets to be re-sold by an external company for up to $584 apiece.

Where Calderón is said to be involved is with this external organization. Il Consigliere is a marketing and events firm that has organized non-sporting functions at the Bernabéu before. More interestingly, it's registered under the name of Ignacio Horcajada, who spearheaded Ramón's Madrid election campaign back in 2006.

Real Madrid has announced that it is investigating this matter internally, while El Mundo Deportivo sources claim that ex-club manager Luis Bárcena and a current director-general are being scrutinized for their involvement.

Calderón, who faces no formal charge or accusation so far, has not commented.

COPE, meanwhile, may soon follow up on the story. The radio station, after all, is said to be loyal to ex-president Florentino Pérez.