Houston fan banned for life for racial insult at D.C. goalkeeper

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The Houston Dynamo have banned a fan from attending their matches indefinitely following a racially charged insult directed at D.C. United goalkeeper Louis Crayton following the teams' 0-0 tie on Sunday afternoon.

According to a news release from the Dynamo, the man has been banned for life.

"Authorities on the scene immediately escorted the individual off the premises," said the report issued on Sunday. "The Dynamo have identified the fan and banned the person from attending Dynamo games indefinitely. The Dynamo have informed Major League Soccer of the incident and the identity of the individual, and further actions may be taken.

A native of Liberia, Crayton told authorities that the man directed the slur towards him as he was heading to the visiting locker rooms at Robertson Stadium at the University of Houston.

"It is so sad that he would say that to me," Crayton told The Washington Post. "I am saying hi to the fans and he walked up to me and told me, 'Hey, you're a monkey, go back to the jungle.' I told him, 'Hey, you can't say that to me. I am not a monkey, I am a human being like you.' I jumped over to ask him why he insulted me, and he kept going."

The incident comes days after England international Rio Ferdinand hit out at FIFA for failing to take serious enough action against the Croatian Football Federation for the racism displayed towards England striker Emile Heskey.

It was also announced Monday that England manager Fabio Capello has called for his team's February friendly fixture in Spain be called off due to the history of racism displayed in the country towards England players four years ago. The match was set for Feb. 11 at the Bernabeu, but has been canceled at Capello's request.

As for the problem in Houston, no action has been made by MLS as of yet, but something may be coming in the new few days.