Chivas puts hold on negotiations for Castillo

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Chivas de Guadalajara officials have not had any further contact with Manchester City striker Nery Castillo and have ceased to ask for him on loan for the Copa Sudamericana.

Last week there were reports that Chivas would ask for Manchester City's forgotten striker on loan as reinforcements for Latin America's second-biggest club tournament.

At first negotiations were headed in the right direction since both clubs appeared to reach an agreement, but due to time constraints and bureaucratic decisions, the negotiations were halted.

On Tuesday, Chivas directors rejected the possibility of signing the 24-year old for the Copa Sudamericana.

Vice President Néstor de la Torre indicated that even a few days back there was still hope to count with the players services, but since it is speculated that Castillo will be called by Mexico boss Sven-Göran Eriksson for the Nov. 12 friendly against Ecuador, the priority rests with the National team.

"It is not that simple since he may be called up to the national team," stated de la Torre. "And at this moment he is on the national team and not with us."

Still, de la Torre expressed his concern for the lack of time to get the player acquainted with Chivas and get him ready for a quarterfinal match, due to the players lack of club participation in the past months.

"For us it was important to have him with some time to get to know him, coexist, train more with him and so he can also get to know us."

Castillo has not featured on the bench for the Citizens in the first 10 weeks of the Premier League and also has not had any participation in the UEFA Cup.

Chivas earned a valuable 2-1 away victory against River Plate last week in the first leg of the Copa Sudamericana quarterfinals. The second leg of the series will be played next Thurs., Nov. 6, at estadio Jalisco.