Mexican Federation opts to do all dealings in pesos

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In a move to avoid being affected by the looming global economic crisis, the Federación Mexicana de Futbol determined that all contracts and transfers between players and clubs will be made in Mexican pesos and not in dollars.

At first this will be complicated and pose problems, since many foreign players and coaches have an agreement to receive payment with American currency, but action is taking place to implement this change as soon as possible.

"This is an agreement that all clubs have taken, that all transfers will be made with pesos," stated FMF Secretary General Decio de María.

The Secretary General also indicated that each club will be responsible for implementing this measure with their players in their own negotiations.

"Every one makes their own negotiations and individually knows what they are negotiating. The (economic) conditions do not only apply to México, they are of the world, every one knows how they negotiate."

The recommendation to prevent the difficult economic conditions from affecting the teams in México, will be presented on November 10 to the Assembly of Owners.

"This form of contract coverage is not new and does not begin with this (crisis) situation, there have always been exchange coverage in all the economic areas in the world and football is not an exception," explained de María.

To the measure will also be added the idea of each club paying their players based on results, which is part of a larger proposition focused on improving the Mexican League, both as sport and entertainment.

"There is a group working to find answers and situations that will permit to increase the level of entertainment. We are starting to work with the teams to analyze the situation and have ideas, then combine them and offer a comprehensive league proposal."

In an interesting side note, this agreement does not implicate Chivas de Guadalajara, since they are the only club comprised solely by Mexican players and according to Chivas officials, no one receives payment in dollars.