Larsson says he's not coming back to England

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Former Celtic and Barcelona star Henrik Larsson has denied rumors linking him with a return to the Premier League after Everton and Aston Villa were strongly linked with bids.

The Helsingborgs striker plied his trade in England two seasons ago, when he became Manchester United's signing of the January transfer window for a period of 12 weeks during the Swedish offseason.

A similar deal had been touted for the 37-year-old this season, with some of the Premier League's European contenders seemingly readying bids for his services.

Everton, short of any striker at the moment, and John Carew-reliant Aston Villa, managed by Larsson's old manager Martin O'Neill, are thought to be interested, but the player in question sees no truth in the rumors.

Larsson denied all the speculation linking him with a return to any Premier League team, and insisted that he would like to see out his career, uninterrupted, in his homeland.

He wrote on his Web site: "It's amazing. I've read so many stories linking me with a move to Everton and a move to Aston Villa when I haven't spoken to either club or any other club in England.

"There is absolutely no truth in any stories linking me with a transfer to the Premiership. The details of talks I'm meant to have had are totally made up. I don't know where these stories have come from, but they are just untrue.

"In an ideal world if I do continue to play football it will be in Sweden and not anywhere else. I'll keep you all up to date with anything that happens, but believe me there is no truth whatsoever in these rumors."