Houston moving forward on new Dynamo stadium

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Houston's Major League Soccer team has two league championships, yet no stadium to call its own. Now that may finally change.

Harris County officials are finally moving forward on a soccer-specific stadium plan for the Dynamo. They announced they're willing to support the building of the stadium in east downtown if the team and the city of Houston are willing to meet certain conditions.

"It is a time of giving," said Harris County Commissioner Sylvia Garcia on Wednesday. "If we can give all the soccer sports fans a stadium for them and get a deal together, that's great."

The support comes with some contingencies. The county wants a certain amount of tickets to remain affordable. Texas Southern University is to be granted use of the site for certain future games.

"The jobs and the economic development that it's going to bring, it's really important, so I'm glad we're finally moving forward and that we have a deal to start looking at," said Houston Councilman James Rodriguez.

If all sides reach an agreement, the measure would still have to pass upcoming votes. However, stadium construction could begin some time next year. --Goal.com