March 18, 2009

Mexican Football Federation President Justino Compean said Tuesday that an appeal over captain Rafael Marquez's two-game suspension is not possible.

Marquez, who was given another match on top of his automatic one-game ban on Tuesday, will not be allowed to participate in Mexico's World Cup qualifiers against Costa Rica on March 28 and at Honduras on April 1.

"There is not much we can do," Compean said. "We all saw the challenge so there is not much to discuss. I spoke with the Discipline Committee but there isn't much to do."

Even if Marquez is unable to participate, Compean said it would do the team some good to have him around for at least the Costa Rica game.

"I think it would be beneficial if he were with us, at least at the game here in Mexico," Compean said. "He should be with his teammates and with the rest of the team."

There is the issue of needing to receive permission from his club to travel to Mexico for the game in the first place. But the desire to travel is present, Compean said.

"He has maintained the despite the punishment he'd like to come, if and when he receives permission from Barcelona and since there won't be any games that weekend, he's certain to come."

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