Dos Santos could play against Honduras

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Giovani dos Santos had been previously ruled out of Mexico's qualifying games, but "Gio" may be available for the game against Honduras on Wednesday.

Dos Santos had been ruled out with a groin injury and was deemed unfit, but according to both the Mexican medical team and the medical staff at Ipswich, the player could be fine by Monday.

In his place, Sven-Goran Eriksson had called up Edgar Castillo of Club America, and if dos Santos is ruled out on Monday the young player could return to England soon after. Otherwise, his return would be put off until Friday.

Ipswich trainter Matt Byard said: "We will know more about his fitness after the weekend. There is a chance that he would be ready for the Wednesday game. If he is not fit then hopefully he will be able to come back to England and will possibly have a chance to be available for the Sheffield United match.

"If he stays with Mexico then he will not be getting back to England until Friday and it will then be a case of seeing how quickly he has recovered from the trip and whether there has been any reaction to the injury." --