March 30, 2009

Chivas de Guadalajara announced on Monday that Omar Arellano Nuño would guide the club through the rest of the Mexican league season and the Copa Libertadores.

Arellano will debut as manager of Chivas against San Luis on Saturday. He had previously been the assistant manager to Javier Aguirre at Atletico Madrid in Spain.

In his career, Arellano has not been a first-team manager but said he feels prepared to take on the role.

"Logically, I don't have the experience as a manager, but the experience is gathered like all the others who have been given a chance," he said. "I feel committed with a sense of responsibility that all managers at Chivas. Let's hope to start well with this opportunity that's been given."

Club owner Jorge Vergara also said that Chivas would continue looking for a permanent replacement, and Arellano is aware of the conditions.

"I don't think it's anything new," Arellano said. "Results drive this profession, which is wonderful, but it has to be understood that results are the most important. Jorge gave me the support to start his new phase in my career, and in the process there were many important people."

Arellano has already been planning what is to be achieved with the remaining time, and has let the players know.

"In this team, nothing else is thought of other than being winners," he said. "I think the boys are convinced, and we're completely convinced that Guadalajara needs to be in the first plans, always."

The Arellano family has a long history with the club. The eldest Arellano, Raul "Pina," was part of the legendary Campeonisimo era, Arellano Nuño was a player and now the young Omar is currently a player. Even though Omar Arellano is his son, the new manager says that he will have to earn his spot.

"Nothing's going to change," Arellano said. "Omar has won a place because of what he's done on the pitch. He's a professional, he's grown a lot, and like everyone else, he'll have to win his place."

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