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Adriano has mental problems, says Sao Paulo doc

The reasons behind Adriano's stay in Brazil are becoming more and more mysterious, and it is not yet certain when he will return. According to Dr. Marco Aurelio Cunha, who followed the Inter striker during his loan stint at Sao Paulo in the second half of last season, the player has serious mental problems.

"Adriano needs help," Cunha told Brazilian daily Extra. "He should be followed by psychologists and psychiatrists because he has disturbances he cannot control. He wants to drink, if he goes out at night he can't stop. And he hates to be reprimanded the next day, and gets depressed."

Cunha also thinks the Brazilian doesn't surround himself with the right people.

"He is surrounded by groupies, not friends," he continued. "There isn't one who is able to keep up with him. He needs to be reminded of his responsibilities; the problem is himself."

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There have even been rumors the player is considering quitting soccer. While that seems quite unlikely, as he is only 27, a move away from Inter seems inevitable now.