May 15, 2009

Monterrey and Puebla will meet again on Saturday to dispute the second leg of the quarterfinals. Puebla won the first leg by beating Monterrey 3-1 at home. Both teams were evenly matched coming into the game. They both qualified with 26 points but Monterrey was ahead in goal differential.

The second leg will be played in Monterrey. The Regiomontanos will hope their home field advantage will provide them the boost they need to make a come back. One person who is certain that they will come back is Monterrey manager Victor Manuel Vucetich.

"There is confidence and a lot of faith. I see quality and the pursuit to get the right result. Spirits are high and we have the fierceness that these types of games provide," said Vucetich.

Vucetich, however, might have to go without his best player. Humberto Suazo was the only scorer for Monterrey in the loss to Puebla. Suazo was injured and is in doubt to play this Saturday. Suazo is not the only loss, Diego Ordaz will not play thanks to a red card that he received, and captain Jesus Arellano is still in doubt for Saturday's clash.

Puebla will try to keep their advantage in a place where they know that anything can happen. Sergio Pere,z author of Puebla's third goal, said that the win is more than advantage for the game to come.

"I'm happy that we were able to take the advantage," signaled Perez. "All we have to do is maintain that advantage. We will go to Monterrey to play well, to play against their desperation, and play with the same focus that we did on Wednesday."

Puebla unlike Monterrey will go to the game with a full squad. The only thing that can hurt Puebla is if they enter too overconfident. They need to do what they did on Wednesday in order to win. Sergio Perez said they will play against Monterrey's desperation. Puebla can not approach the game thinking this. Monterrey are full of class and is able to come back even when things look their worse. They did it against Atlas earlier this season, they were down two men and down two goals, but they came back to tie and they did it without Suazo.

Only one will go through Puebla have the advantage but one can seemingly never count Monterrey out especially at home.

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