Arsenal chief Gazidis favors EPL salary caps

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In order to realize financial stability, and pave a path that could lead to fiscal equality between clubs, the Premier League needs to adopt a policy that enforces salary caps, much in the style of the NFL, according to Arsenal Chief Executive Ivan Gazidis.

Real Madrid has been the summer's big spenders thus far, splashing out on $252 million worth of talent despite the transfer window only officially opening one day ago, yet Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea are also expected to bolster their respective squads substantially.

Arsenal, meanwhile, looks set to rely on its contemporary ethic of thrifty management, particularly in the transfer market, as the low-key signing of Ajax stopper Thomas Vermaelen appears likely to be augmented by a few further little-known recruits.

Regarding a possible change to the way in which clubs spend and budget, Gazidis told The Guardian, "I think it is worth our while to investigate whether there are elements of the salary cap system, which they have in U.S. NFL and baseball, which would benefit football. Clubs have a duty to provide more stability in our business models and some form of wage restraint is one element worth looking at. There are many ways in which it could work."

Gazidis has great experience working in a division that enforces a salary cap as, prior to his Arsenal role, he was deputy commissioner of Major League Soccer, a league that also adopts such a ruling.