Chivas owner Vergara rips team over Twitter

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Jorge Vergara is known to have a volatile temper, and is a famed deliverer of "talks" with the team after bad performances. Chivas de Guadalajara has started out losing the first two games of the Apertura 2009, and the owner shared his views after the latest performance against Tigres where Chivas lost 3-1.

The club president quickly defended manager Francisco Ramirez, who is not being held responsible for the club's recent failures on the pitch, and is fully pinning it on the players.

"It's very clear that it's not Paco's responsibility," said Vergara on his Twitter account. "There's not reason for him to be judged. It's all the team's responsibility because they did not play well."

Vergara especially was disappointed with the defense. Recently Aaron Galindo and Johnny Magallon, who spent Chivas' preseason with the national team, were called up to play against the U.S.

"It's not possible that we have the national team's defense, and for them to fail in this way with Chivas and permit what happened."

The team didn't bring in any new additions to the squad, but can do so until the Jornada 5. However, the club president did not reveal any immediate plans.

"I'm frustrated and we can't keep on going like this. I can't say what we're going to do, but we need to find a solution immediately. There'll be a meeting with Efrain Flores and Pedro Saez to make some decisions. We'll see what they suggest."

Vergara spoke about the team's disappointing performances, but singled out goal scorer Javier 'Chicharo' Hernandez as a highlight.

"We were the best defense, and now we have the best reinforcement for the defense [Galindo] and we're worse off than before," Vergara said. "It's not right, it's not fair. We've given them all that they need to do well. Except for 'Chicharo,' the rest aren't saved. They didn't play with heart, or with energy. They didn't try and they didn't use their talent. After all that has been worked on, I expected a better attitude from the players. More will to win."

The team will now take a break from the Mexican tournament to face Barcelona in San Francisco. The game against Estudiantes was rescheduled for Oct. 10 to make room for the game against the European team.

"It doesn't lose any prestige, but we're going to win and we have a week to prepare and win against Barcelona on Saturday. It's a responsibility for the team to win, in any game. It doesn't matter if it's Barcelona or any other team."