August 05, 2009

Cuauhtémoc Blanco feels he was disrespected when his No. 10 was brought back into the lineup at Club America. His number was to stay retired for five years but club president Michel Bauer said the team needed a No. 10.

The number was brought back and now Salvador Cabañas sports the famous jersey, but the actions left Blanco bitter.

"I hope that by the time I go back, he will not be there," Blanco said of Bauer in an interview with Telemundo. "He disrespected me and I'm not on good terms with him. I do feel that it was disrespectful, but he was the one that made the decision."

Blanco also mentioned that the situation that America find itself in is sad. The MLS All-Star blames America's misfortunes on America's officials who have had made bad decisions.

"I hope we can soon forget about the Primera 'A' and hope that the team is not relegated," he added. "I never imagined America going through a situation as bad as this one. Like I've said before, this is all the cause of bad management, of the bad decisions they make, and of some of their signings. They need to start working so they can lift the team this season."

Bauer responded to some of Blanco's comments saying that no matter what Blanco says the doors will always stay open for him.

"The decision is his, not mine," Bauer told "I have the doors open for him and its up to him if he wants to return to America, Santos or Veracruz."

Bauer also said that his main focus right now is the club and not this dispute with Blanco because for him the club will always be above any one player.

"We'll have to see what results from what Blanco said," Bauer added. "I really have no problem with him. The words of Blanco matter to me as an Americanista, but the club is my priority and any decision will always be above any player. I think that there are or were other players that in their glory days never made comments like these. I believe we need to join together for the good of the club instead of trying to hurt it, but he is free to say what ever he wants."

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