Chivas owner rips team over Twitter again

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The Apertura 2009 has so far been a let down for Chivas de Guadalajara. The team has started off with the worst campaign under the ownership of Jorge Vergara, and the owner has not been quiet over the disappointment with the team.

So far, Chivas has lost three out of the four games played by allowing at least three goals. Blaming the team, Jorge Vergara once more took to Twitter to express his rage after the loss in the game against Atlante in Cancun.

Vergara previously had used Twitter to express his emotions after a performance, and once more decided to tweet about the workings of the team.

"The history that Chivas has does not allow us to live the situation that the team is in at the moment," tweeted Vergara. "The results have not been what was expected. That is why we have started a detailed analysis of the situation the team is in."

Mostly, the owner focused on the attitude shown by the players.

"During the performance on Saturday, the attitude was not that of a positive and competitive team like Chivas tends to be," Vergara wrote further. "The situation, beyond the footballing aspect, is due to the lack of attitude shown by the players."

Although specific players were not mentioned, Vergara spoke about repercussions of those who didn't seem committed.

"Games similar to Saturday's shows the lack of commitment and responsibility in some players in wearing the Chivas jersey. The grandness of Chivas does not give ways to these types of highs and lows. The lack of attitude, commitment, and dedication can not be tolerated."

At the moment, Vergara is looking for a solution that will please the fans as well.

"We're looking for solutions that will allow us to return immediately to where the team belongs: at the top. Yes, three points of twelve that have been played for is offensive to the fans that always demand being in the places."

The owner did not disclose what exactly would be done, but that it would be performed swiftly.

"After this analysis that we have done we will take strong decisions to improve and change the attitude," added Vergara. "There will have to be extreme hard work to remedy this situation, immediately."