Adriano reveals he was 'drunk every day' at Inter

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Flamengo striker Adriano opened his heart in a recent magazine interview and revealed full extent of the personal problems he had during his days at Inter Milan.

The hitman admits that he lost control and was endangering his career and his own life, but reflected that his move back to Brazil seems to have fixed things for him.

"After losing my father I went into a big state of depression, which I only managed to cure with alcohol," explained the Brazilian player to Brazilian magazine R7. "I was fine only when I would drink and I had no urge to stop. I went out every night and would take any type of alcoholic drink: wine, whiskey, beer.

"I renounced to many millions, but I bought my happiness. Every day I would present myself drunk during training sessions and they would send me to sleep in the infirmary.

"I wouldn't sleep for fear of arriving late. The club would tell journalists that I had some muscular problem. At a certain point I was in conflict with [Roberto] Mancini and was forced to leave Inter."

The player joined Sao Paolo on loan, but on his return to Inter things did not change.

"I returned to be the one of before, I felt alone and had no one on whom to count on, therefore I started drinking again," he said. "I returned to Italy for [Jose] Mourinho, but that was not enough. I started with parties, women and alcohol again. However, the club did not want to accept my behavior anymore.

"I'm sorry for Mourinho, who tried to convince the directors to hold on to me."

Adriano has, in the past few weeks, hinted that he would welcome a move back to Europe in the future. His liver may not be so keen on the move.