October 14, 2009

If Mexico manager Javier Aguirre has his way, there will be no errors when it comes to putting together the World Cup roster.

Aguirre told Mexican daily Reforma his plans for assembling the roster, which include lengthy looks at players and a target month of April for selecting the squad that will represent Mexico in the 2010 World Cup.

"We have planned some games in Europe. That project has been approved," Aguirre told the newspaper.

The three-match tour in Europe will feature games against England, the Netherlands and Germany, Reforma reported, and will be played once the final roster has been selected. The matches apparently are contingent upon the World Cup draw, and should Mexico avoid being placed in a group with any of the three the games will apparently take place.

Further, Aguirre said the national team has a five-game contract with Soccer United Marketing and will play that many games in the United States.

"In February we will have the first game and we'll all find ourselves with renewed energy," Aguirre said. "We'll have between February and March three or four games, five, so that in April we don't make mistakes."

With regards to a possible World Cup seed, Aguirre said such a scenario would be beneficial to Mexico's hopes next summer.

"We saw that it is better to be seeded because Mexico was seeded four years ago and it was a comfortable group," Aguirre said.

Mexico drew Iran, Angola and Portugal in 2006 and finished 1-1-1 with four points, enough to get into the second round.

"At the very least, you assure yourself of at least one comfortable rival, one rival who is at our around your level, or two at your level. It would be good but it hasn't been determined." --Goal.com

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