Donovan was close to agreeing to go to Mexico

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LOS ANGELES -- In discussing his potential loan moves during Major League Soccer's offseason, Los Angeles Galaxy star Landon Donovan revealed that negotiations with Club América in Mexico had reached an advanced stage before the organization lost out to the possibility offered by Everton.

"It's a nice change of pace, a different challenge," Donovan said of the stint in England.

Though talks with Club América advanced to discussion of the financial compensation, Donovan would not reveal the specific figures he was offered.

"I'm not telling you that," Donovan replied.

However, he did clarify that Club América were in direct competition with other teams for his services in the offseason, and had won out against most others.

"It came down to Club América and Everton," Donovan said.

Club América is one of Mexico's richest teams, as they are owned by media giants Televisa. They have brought in several high-profile players from abroad to their squad in the past.

"They were very interested and we spoke to them," Donovan explained.

Many believed Mexico would be a reasonable choice for Donovan, given that the league suits his technical play more than England's more physical games. The midfielder/forward can also speak passable Spanish.

Yet Donovan finally made the choice to take on the challenge of England.

"The decision for me to have an opportunity to go to Everton, with Tim [Howard] there, to play in the Premier League, that made the most sense," Donovan said.

Everton and the Galaxy have agreed to a loan deal in principle for Donovan, but the arrangement has not been made official.