By Georgina Turner
March 06, 2012

There are folk who will say that this match is meaningless, what with Arsenal having been so comprehensively outplayed by AC Milan in the first leg that they face a 0-4 deficit at kickoff. But let us ignore such folk! Not just because the Arsenal line will be led by Robin van Persie at home (where he has already scored 18 goals this season), or because the north London team is currently as unpredictable and irrepressible as a box full of badgers, but also because it's not against the rules to enjoy 90 minutes of soccer in its own right. Heck, that used to be the point. Not to mention that Arsenal fullback Kieran Gibbs is certainly optimistic, " If Milan can beat us 4-0, why can't we do the same?"

See you from 2.30 p.m. ET.

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