Euro 2012 standings

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Check back every day during group play for updated standings.

Tie-breaking procedures • If two or more nations are level on points in the group the country with the highest number points in games involving those teams finishes highest. • If nations are still level they are separated by goal difference, and then goals scored, in games involving the teams. • If teams still cannot be split, then overall goal group difference is used

KNOCKOUT STAGEQuarterfinals• June21 -- Czech Republic (Group A winner) vs. Portugal (Group B runner-up)• June22 -- Germany (Group B winner) vs. Greece (Group A runner-up)• June23 -- Spain (Group C winner) vs. France (Group D runner-up)• June24 -- England (Group D winner) vs. Italy (Group C runner-up)

Semifinals• June27 -- Winners from quarterfinals 1 and 2• June28 -- Winners from quarterfinals 3 and 4Finals• July 1 -- Semifinal winners