May 01, 2013
The National Stadium in Brasilia will host matches during the 2014 World Cup.
Eraldo Peres/AP

Brasilia police have canceled an order for 17,000 raincoats for use at the World Cup because next year's tournament will be played in the dry season.

"The military police made a mistake in listing the product among those to be acquired with a view to the World Cup which will be held in the dry season," said the Federal District government in a statement.

Brazilian media had criticized the plans as an example of wasteful spending by authorities, pointing out that the jackets would have cost a total of 5.35 million reais ($2.66 million).

Rainfall is very rare between May and July in Brasilia and the air humidity often drops to 30 percent.

The Brazilian capital, a planned city founded in 1960, will stage five matches at the World Cup and will also host games at the Confederations Cup in June.

The new 72,000-capacity Mane Garrincha stadium has been plagued by delays and its opening has been postponed until May 18, leaving FIFA on tenterhooks.

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