By Grant Wahl
June 18, 2013
Despite early bumps, U.S. Soccer president Sunil Gulati (left) remains confident Jurgen Klinsmann is the right man to coach the USMNT.
Chris Trotman/Getty Images

Gulati: Absolutely. And it's a decision that wasn't made lightly. We had a discussion with some of the senior players after the game in France about this very issue. They all had played on fields laid on top of artificial surfaces. They said, "Look, it's not ideal, but if it means being able to go to Seattle or Portland, we should do that." Then we talked about it, looked at how long the grass could be, talked about it with Jurgen, the pros and cons, and came to the final decision. It wasn't an easy one. But the results obviously were very good. The field actually held up quite well, not as well as a field like [Salt Lake] will. We know that. But we knew that going in. It wasn't a surprise when we got to Seattle and said, wow, the field is going to be like this. We knew that going in.

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