By Grant Wahl
June 18, 2013
Jozy Altidore continued his scorching-hot World Cup qualifiers run with the game-winning goal against Honduras.
Russ Isabella/USA TODAY Sports

Jermaine Jones needs to understand his role better. Jones is a Klinsmann favorite, but Michael Bradley is the central midfielder the U.S. needs to build around, not Jones. The German-American spent too much of the game not allowing Bradley to be Bradley. What do I mean by that? Too often Bradley has to read what Jones is doing and base his movements and actions off that. It should more often be the other way around, with Jones deferring to Bradley. Geoff Cameron seemed to understand that better in last week's win against Panama, sometimes dropping deep and consistently playing off what Bradley was doing. What's more, because Jones so readily draws yellow cards, as he did Tuesday, he becomes a game-long risk of being sent off for a second. (Honduras was clearly trying to bait him into one.) Cameron only played one and one half games next to Bradley in the central midfield, but he was an upgrade on Jones during that time.

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