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A guide to #Henrying: when and where to do it, and who to do it with

Thierry Henry's understated goal celebration has found more than a few fans on the web.

Thierry Henry's understated goal celebration has found more than a few fans on the web.

Thierry Henry has won a World Cup and the Champions League. He's conquered Ligue 1 once (with Monaco), The EPL twice (with Arsenal) and La Liga twice (with Barcelona). He's won more individual awards than I can reasonably account for here.

But he's never been meme-d. At least, not until now. Welcome to #Henrying.

You see, the 36-year-old Red Bulls' striker has had a rough go of it lately. His team may be challenging for top spot in the MLS' Eastern Conference, but Henry hadn't scored in six appearances with the team. That is, until he finally broke through against Houston Dynamo at the start of September:

OK, maybe not the most enthusiastic celebration. But hey, maybe he was conserving energy.

Then one week later, he did the same in the Red Bulls' 2-0 win over Toronto FC.

Twice makes a trend. And with one tweet, KICKTV ushered said trend into meme territory.

The best thing about #Henrying? You can do it anywhere.

In Pisa:

At Stonehenge:

At the rodeo:

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At the edge of space:

Or even on the Moon:

But wait, there's more. Not only can #Henrying occur anywhere, but it can also occur at any time. For example, 1945:

Or intervening in a fight in 1965:

Or giving Maradona (another) hand in 1986:

#Henrying can even occur while hanging out with the Rockerfeller Center crew in 1932:

But what's the point of #Henrying if you don't have some interesting company around? I mean, why Henry alone when you can do so with, say, Miley Cyrus:

Or Mario Balotelli:

Or Waldo (we think … somewhere …):

Or maybe humans just aren't your style and you'd rather hang out with Simba, future King:

Or E.T.:

So there you have it. You can find #Henrying at any time, in any place, and with anybody. So why not combine them all? 1994. Jurassic Park. Mo Farah. Boom:

Seen any other excellent #Henrying works of art we've missed here? post them below. The hashtag doesn't seem to be losing steam.