Klinsmann: Manchester United pulling the plug on Moyes now didn't make sense

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Jurgen Klinsmann feels that David Moyes got a raw deal after being fired this week at Manchester United. (Jay LaPrete/AP)

Jurgen Klinsmann

From one manager to another, Jurgen Klinsmann has plenty of sympathy for David Moyes getting fired not even one season into his six-year deal with Manchester United.

Moyes was fired Tuesday after just 51 games and less than 11 months in charge, with United destined for a disappointing finish, no silverware and no Champions League place for 2014-15. He was replaced, in the interim, by player-coach Ryan Giggs, who has tabbed famed Class of 92 teammates Paul Scholes, Phil Neville and Nicky Butt to assist him in the final matches of the season.

In a video released by U.S. Soccer, Klinsmann -- whose goalkeeper coach with the U.S., Chris Woods, was on Moyes' staff -- commented on Moyes' dismissal, saying that, from the outside, it would appear that he needed more than just one transition year to make an impact, even likening the situation to that of Brendan Rodgers at first-place Liverpool. 

"Very difficult to judge from the outside. Every environment has so much going on on the inside, so you can never really find the right reasons and everything that is going on there," Klinsmann said. "My emotional reaction is a big disappointment, because David Moyes, I met him throughout many many years, is an excellent, absolutely outstanding coach. From the outside looking at it, I think he needed just more time. Now pulling the plug when basically everything is lost already doesn't really make sense to me.

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"It's a year of rebuilding, they wanted a change, so change takes time. David Moyes was not given a couple of outstanding big transfers at the beginning of the year to make things happen right away. He had to go with the old squad and now slowly modify things. He didn't have Robin van Persie for part of the season because of injury, he did the best he could do based on the squad he has. That reaction from me is really difficult to comprehend from the outside.

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"If you just take an example with Liverpool last year, Brendan Rodgers, had a year of rebuilding it the way he wanted to build it. It was not going well. I think they finished seventh or eighth last year in the Premier League, and now where are they? They're on top of the league.

"Change always demands time. Time was not now given to David. They questioned everything he did from the first moment on. I think simply, from the outside again, it's in my opinion wrong, and I feel sorry, because he's an absolutely outstanding coach."