BC-SOC--World Cup Preview Package,ADVISORY

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The Associated Press is publishing its package of World Cup preview stories today and tomorrow. The package consists of more than 100 stories.

The package will consist of profiles of all 32 teams, all 32 coaches and a story about each team's five top players. It will also include a story on each group.

Stories will be slugged BC-SOC-WCup-(Country name), BC-SOC-WCup-(Country name)-Coach and BC-SOC-WCup-(Country name)-Five Players. Group profiles will be slugged BC-SOC-WCup-Group A and so on.

Stories about each Brazilian World Cup venue and host city will be provided. Our Brazilian sports writers Tales Azzoni and Steve Wade will be writing about the challenges facing Brazil, its preparedness for the tournament and safety fears.

Any queries, contact AP International Sports Editor Simon Haydon in London, call +44 207 427 4229 or email shaydon(at)ap.org.

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