November 13, 2014

Excerpts from the statement Thursday by Hans Joachim Eckert, chairman of the adjudicatory chamber of the FIFA ethics committee, on the findings of the investigation into the 2018/2022 World Cup bidding:


''The Australia 2022 bid team did undertake specific efforts to gain the support of a then FIFA executive committee member and it suggests that there have been efforts to conceal key relationships in this context.''

''Report identified certain payments from the Football Federation of Australia to CONCACAF which, according to the report, appear to have been commingled, at least in part, with personal funds of the then CONCACAF president, who at the time also was a FIFA executive committee member.'' (Jack Warner)


No issues


''Mr. (Jack) Warner also asked England 2018 for favors and benefits related to a Trinidad and Tobago football club he owned, the Joe Public Football Club. Whether the England 2018 bid team ultimately provided any benefits to Mr. Warner's club is unclear.''

''England 2018 agreed to provide substantial assistance'' for a Trinidad and Tobago Under-20 team training camp in Britain in 2009.

''Mr. Warner's conduct demonstrated an expectation that the bidding teams would react favorably and seek to curry favor with a voting member of the FIFA executive committee. According to the report, England 2018's response showed a willingness, time and again, to meet such expectation, thereby damaging the image of FIFA and the bidding process.''

''The England 2018 bid team sponsored a gala dinner for the Caribbean Football Union at its annual congress in Trinidad in 2010, once again in an effort to curry favor with Jack Warner. ... The relevant support amounted to $55,000.''

England 2018 ''accommodated or at least attempted to satisfy, the improper requests'' of ''at least two'' FIFA executive committee members.


''The Japan 2022 bid team distributed in 2010 several different gifts to senior FIFA officials, members of the FIFA executive committee and some of their wives. The value of the gifts (which included ... special balls, digital cameras and clutch bags) ranged from approximately $700 to approximately $2,000 each. ... Executive committee members concerned denied receiving any improper or valuable gifts from a bid team or did not attribute any significant relevance to the gifts.''


''According to the report, the conduct of two individuals who acted as consultants or advisers to the Qatar 2022 bid team raised concerns.'' The investigation ''identified certain questionable conduct.''

''Qatar 2022 sponsored in January 2010 the CAF (Confederation of African Football) congress in Angola. The sponsorship agreement granted Qatar 2022 exclusive rights to market its bid during the event. For this privilege, the bid team paid CAF approximately $1.8 million.''

''During previous investigations of Mr. (Mohammed) Bin Hammam (former Asian Football Confederation president and former FIFA executive committee member), it had been established that he had made several different improper payments to high-ranking CAF football officials during the time before the Dec. 2, 2010, FIFA executive committee vote. ... The record ... does not support the conclusion that the purpose of these payments was to promote the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup bid. Rather, the evidence ... strongly suggests that Mr. Bin Hamman paid CAF officials to influence their votes in the June 2011 election for FIFA president where he was a candidate. ... The same applies to a payment of $1,212,000 Mr. Hamman appears to have made to Mr. Jack Warner.''

''Among the recipients of payments made by Mr. Mohamed Bin Hamman ... was also one to Mr. Reynald Temarii, the OFC (Oceania Football Confederation) president and a FIFA executive committee member. ... There is no direct link between Qatar 2022 and any payments of Mr. Bin Hammam to Mr. Temarii.''


''The Russia 2018 bid committee made only a limited amount of documents available for review, which was explained by the fact that the computers used at the time by the Russia bid committee had been leased and then returned to their owner after the bidding process. The owner has confirmed that the computers were destroyed. The bid committee also attempted to obtain access to the Gmail accounts used during the bidding process from Google USA. However, the Russia bid committee confirmed in a letter dated Aug. 1, 2014, that Google USA had not responded.''


''Moon-Joon Chung, a vice president on the FIFA executive committee and honorary president of the Korean Football Association'' sent letters to executive committee members in 2010 stating ''Korea intended to raise $777 million from 2011 to 2022 to aid confederation and member associations to build new football infrastructure and renovate existing facilities. ... The report concludes that the Global Football Fund letters created at least the appearance of a conflict or an offer of benefits to FIFA executive committee members in an effort to influence their votes.''


No mention


''There appear to have been certain discrepancies in the documentation and contact reports submitted by the USA 2022 bid committee to FIFA on the one hand and the testimonies of U.S. football officials on the other.'' ... (The investigation) concluded that the USA bid committee might not have fully complied with the relevant reporting requirements.''

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