Luis Suarez says he won't attend another FIFA gala because of 'unfair' biting punishment

The Barcelona and Uruguay forward was banned for four months and nine international matches for biting Giorgio Chiellini during the 2014 World Cup. 
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Luis Suarez will not attend any FIFA galas because he is still upset about his punishment for biting Giorgio Chiellini during the 2014 World Cup, he said on Onda Cero radio

"You can punish someone, suspend them ... but to stop them going to a training center, for example, to see my nephew train, that seems so unfair to me," Suarez said. "I didn't understand it. Not at all."

The Barcelona and Uruguay forward was suspended for four months of soccer activity and nine international matches. It was his third biting incident; he had one while at Ajax and bit Chelsea's Branislav Ivanovic when he was with Liverpool. He transferred from Liverpool to Barcelona shortly after the incident but was not allowed to play or train with the team initially due to the suspension. 

"Give me 10, 15, 20 games [ban], but to treat me how they treated me hurt," Suarez said. "And when I had the trials with FIFA's lawyers, giving their reasons, it was even worse. I am aware that I made a mistake but I am also aware I am a human being.

"They have to understand that. They have to put themselves in someone's skin and realize how it hurts. I didn't go to the FIFA gala and I will never go again. I have no problem saying I will never go to a FIFA gala."

Suarez also said he lied to his wife, Sofia, about the incident. 

"I hurt Sofia because I lied to her," he said. "She asked me and I denied it. I had trouble believing it, let alone saying it. I couldn't understand it. I hurt her because she knew I wasn't like that. [The press] even asked her how I was at home.

Suarez's 20 goals for the La Liga season are second only to Lionel Messi's 21, and Suarez's nine assists lead La Liga.