By 90Min
July 20, 2017

Ever fancied having a cuddle with beloved England international, record Manchester United goalscorer and new Everton talisman, Wayne Rooney?​ Well, now you can, but it'll cost you... Quite a bit.

£500 to be precise. Thankfully, however, the money raised from each hug will go towards charity.

And if the thought of getting up close and personal with Wazza doesn't appeal, then you can always just snap a few selfies, shake his hand maybe.

Image by Andrew Headspeath

For two people to be deemed worthy to lay a hand on the esteemed Premier League forward, a hefty £1,000 must be paid. But for £500, expect a hug (or handshake) unlike any other you've experienced.

The unusual event, set to take place in September, is being organised by the A1 Sporting Speakers agency.


"It's a chance to shake hands or hug a true English legend and the best player of his generation and to benefit our chosen charity on the day," said a spokesman for A1, quoted by ​ESPN.

"United fans can meet him and say thanks. Everton fans can greet their new player, who has always been a Toffee. Take some selfies. Get two or three things signed."

Well, there you go. If that hasn't persuaded you to hand over £500 of your hard-earned cash, then what will?


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