Chelsea's Kenedy Apologises After Being Booed in China Following 'Racial' Slurs

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​Chelsea forward Kenedy seems to have a bit of trouble endearing himself to fans.

During the Blues' pre-season tour to China, Kenedy used insulting language regarding the country and faced the wrath of locals, who roundly booed the Brazilian during Chelsea's 3-0 win over Arsenal in Beijing.

Kenedy posted photos on Instagram which received plenty of criticism, posting one update captioned with the phrase 'Porra China'.

'Porra' has a similar meaning to the 'F' word in Portuguese, while his second social media post, made when spotting a security guard sleeping on the job, was captioned: "Acorda china [sic]. Vacilão".

That roughly translates to ‘wake up China, idiot’.

Given that these phrases are silly and insensitive at best and disrespectful at worst, Kenedy has unsurprisingly issued an apology.

He posted: "Hello my friends, just wanna say sorry if someone was sad because I used the expression "porra", was no racism, just a expression... big hug".

Perhaps the 21-year-old should concentrate more on breaking into Chelsea's first-team and less on his social media activity.