Staying True to Tradition: Chelsea Prepared to Lose Millions Over Their New Stadium Name

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​Premier League champions Chelsea are prepared to lose potential millions in sponsorship money as they have no plans to change their stadium name when the new one is constructed.

The Blues are still working out the details regarding the financing of their golden project, which will see them upgrade to a 60,000-seater. But according to The Times, they do not intend to dip into the wealth that stadium naming rights have to offer.

Having been granted the green light to begin working on the redevelopment of their Stamford Bridge home, Chelsea are looking forward to welcoming fans to a brand new venue by the time the 2023/24 season rolls around.

It will set them back an estimated £500m, and giving away the naming rights would certainly lighten the blow. 


Rivals Arsenal and Manchester City have been reaping the benefits of deals with Emirates and Etihad airlines, respectively. And Tottenham Hotspur will be looking to do the same.

The Blues, however, would like to keep Stamford Bridge as part of the name when the venue is unveiled.It is understood that the new name will be something along the lines of: 'The X Stadium at Stamford Bridge'.

While it doesn't totally rule out the possibility of a naming rights sale, the fee will be substantially lower than what the club could earn if Stamford Bridge were to be removed completely.

From a team standpoint, they're bracing themselves for an arduous title defence next season, with rivals strengthening all around. Pep Guardiola is building a formidable squad over at City, while Arsenal and Manchester United have also strengthened. The club have so far made four signings; and reports suggest four more are on the way.